As the largest international Vietnamese film festival in the world, Viet Film Fest showcases the best creative work by and about Vietnamese people. Viet Film Fest was created in 2003 with a small audience in auditoriums at University of California, Irvine and UCLA. Situated in the largest Vietnamese community outside of Vietnam, the festival features films by persons of Vietnamese descent or productions that focus on the Vietnamese experience. Now running successfully for over a decade, Viet Film Fest (VFF) has expanded to draw an annual onsite audience of over 5,000 and a global fanbase. Viet Film Fest has drawn Academy Award nominated directors from France and Canada, as well as films from Israel, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and Germany. Through the universal language of film, Viet Film Fest brings together multiple perspectives to expand the scope and horizons of Vietnamese cinema.

Connecting communities through Vietnamese voices and stories in cinema

Viet Film Fest is known for:

  • Diverse and Innovative Filmmaking: Curated screenings of films from all around the world that can’t be viewed anywhere else
  • Youth in Motion: Cultivating the next generation of storytellers through free youth filmmaking workshops
  • Community Day: Providing access to quality films and programs through free screenings for students and senior citizens
  • Networking Opportunities: Connecting emerging filmmakers to industry through Opening/Closing receptions, special guest speakers, panels, and tours.

Film Submissions

Submission period was between April-June, and it is now closed. We will announce the official selection in September. Thank you for your support!

Festival Awards

Viet Film Fest selects a diverse program to reflect the range of Vietnamese voices and stories. On top of that, the selection committee gives out a Grand Jury Trống Đồng Award (Best Feature Film), Spotlight Award (highlights important issue or burgeoning filmmaker), Best Short Film, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Audience Choice Awards.