• 30+ years of arts and culture programming
  • 20+ years of our annual Viet Film Fest, with an average of nearly 3,000 annual attendees both virtually and in-persons
  • 100+ youth trained in multimedia skills and thousands of audience/exhibition visitors through the Gallery Beyond Walls program

The Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA) has made a significant impact on the cultural landscape by fostering artistic expression and providing a platform for artists of Vietnamese descent to showcase their talents. Through its various programs, VAALA has not only celebrated the rich cultural heritage of the Vietnamese diaspora but has also contributed to the broader artistic tapestry in the United States. Here are some of the key impacts created by VAALA through its programs:

Cultural Celebration and Preservation:


The annual Viet Film Fest and Viet Book Fest organized by VAALA serve as important platforms for filmmakers and authors to share their stories, contributing to the preservation of Vietnamese culture and heritage.

These festivals provide a unique opportunity for Vietnamese American artists to explore and express their identity, creating a sense of community and strengthening the bonds that connect them to their cultural roots.

Artistic Expression and Exposure:


VAALA's exhibitions offer a space for visual artists to showcase their work, providing exposure and recognition for emerging talents within the Vietnamese American community.

By highlighting diverse artistic expressions, VAALA contributes to a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of Vietnamese American art beyond traditional stereotypes.

Our most recent exhibition, Yellow Submarine Rising, Currents Within Asian American Art was an exhibition inspired by the #StopAsianHate movement and the resilience of the AAPI community. 

Youth Empowerment through Workshops:

VFF 2019 Youth in Motion Participants

VAALA's commitment to youth engagement is evident through programs like the Youth in Motion Filmmaking Workshop. This initiative empowers young individuals by providing them with practical skills in filmmaking, fostering creativity, and nurturing the next generation of storytellers.

Project Foto and Illuminated Recipes further engage youth by offering avenues for self-expression through photography and culinary arts, respectively. These workshops not only provide valuable skills but also instill a sense of cultural pride.

Community Building:


VAALA's programs serve as catalysts for community building, bringing together people who share an interest in Vietnamese and Vietnamese American art, history, and contemporary issues.  The sense of belonging and shared cultural experiences generated by these events fosters a stronger and more cohesive community.

Promotion of Diversity:

Best Feature_Accidental_Getaway_Driver_VietFilmFest_VAALA_masmoriya_10.8.23-14-27

VAALA's efforts extend beyond Vietnamese American communities, contributing to the broader cultural diversity of the United States. The organization's commitment to inclusivity and representation helps bridge cultural gaps and promote a more inclusive understanding of the American cultural mosaic.

In summary, VAALA's programs, including the annual Viet Film Fest, Viet Book Fest, exhibitions, and youth workshops, have had a profound impact on the Vietnamese American community and the broader cultural landscape. Through these initiatives, VAALA continues its mission: “to connect and enrich communities through Vietnamese art and culture” while fostering a sense of community and empowerment among its participants.

Make Art, Create Community

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