Jenni Trang Le

Filmmaker & Poet

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Jenni Trang Le is a co-founder of EAST Films, whose mission is to empower visionary storytellers to excel in the global entertainment market. Her latest project, MAIKA, was officially selected for Sundance 2022. Before becoming a filmmaker, spoken word was Jenni’s first love and she was performing regularly with her tria, Mai Piece. In 2004 Mai Piece founded One Mic, a monthly open mic in the heart of Westminster, which ran for 3 years. In 2009 Jenni moved to Saigon and after producing 14 feature films and countless real life romances, true love & marriage brought Jenni back to Cali in June of 2022. She was the Vietnamese Dialogue Consultant on HBO’s “The Sympathizer”, adapted from Việt Thanh Nguyễn’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel which wrapped this month. She thanks mother Việt Nam for making her more “googleable.”