Empowering Our Youth: Project Foto Spotlight

Thank you to Tu Nguyen for a beautiful video highlighting the impact of Project Foto on our community.

Project Fôtô seeks to empower participants to express their artistic talents and explore their imagination, as well as learn more about themselves and their community. The 16 Vietnamese American young women and gender non-conforming participants in the inaugural class come from all over Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Taught by professional multimedia artists Ann Lê, Nguyên Lý, Tu Nguyễn, and Susie Thái, the participants have spent weekends over the last 4 months learning and creating a stunning body of photography, printmaking, video projection and animation work that explore themes of gender, family, immigration, mental health, socio-political and cultural identity. The program was entirely free for participants. The Project Fôtô program is a part of an ongoing Gallery Beyond Walls initiative from VAALA, and was made possible with support from the Garden Grove Community Foundation, Macy’s, Union Bank, as well as Black Umbrella. The exhibition is curated with direction from Program Director + Filmmaker Quyên Nguyễn-Lê and Public Artist + Architect James Đinh. The exhibition features work from: Ashley Nguyễn, Catherine Trần, Clara Trương, Dawna, Đan Thi Trần, Diana Chế, Jenny Nguyễn, Kacie Nguyễn, Kady Lê, Kathy Trần, Keva Bùi, Mỹ Tiên Phạm, Quý An Nguyễn Lê, Tường Vi Bùi, Vivi Lê, and Yến Đinh. For more programs like this, please consider donating to VAALA at www.vaala.org

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