“Environment & Human Experiences – The Revival Narratives” Art Exhibition by Ann Phong, curated by Minh Pham to Open on May 6th at the Santora Building – Street Space Gallery

Santa Ana,  CA – Santa Ana College Art Department with support from VAALA (Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association)  and Việt Báo Foundation is proud to present “Environment & Human Experiences – The Revival Narratives” a solo exhibition by artist: Ann Phong, curated by Minh Pham (community activist, organizer and student at Santa Ana College). The exhibition will feature over 25 mixed media artworks that explore the intersection of nature and human emotions.

“Environment & Human Experiences – The Revival Narratives” invites viewers to reflect on their own inner worlds and the ways in which they are shaped by the external environment. Using a range of techniques and materials, Ann Phong creates immersive and evocative artworks that blur the boundaries between the self and the natural world. Furthermore, Phong’s work is inspired by her Vietnamese heritage and her concerns for the environment. She uses her art to raise awareness of the impact that humans are having on the planet and to inspire people to take action to protect it.

Minh Pham is a curator and student artist who is passionate about using art to promote social change. He believes that art can be a powerful tool for raising awareness of important issues and inspiring people to take action. He is excited to be curating this exhibition and to share Phong’s work with the public.

The exhibition will open on May 6th and run through June 3rd, 2023.

Opening receptions: Saturday May 6th from 6-8pm, and Saturday June 3rd, 6-8pm.

Other days please contact: annphongart@gmail.com

Address: Santora Building – Street Space Gallery

205 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701.

Admission to the exhibition is free and open to the public.


About Artist Ann Phong

Ann Phong, a gifted painter with a penchant for subtle but nonetheless critical narrative. Phong Juxtaposes heavily impasto layers with finer, more transparent ones, as well as vaguely delineated images to convey the complexity of her feelings. (from Daniella Walsh, February 1998. Visual Art Source). Ann Phong received her MFA in painting from California State University, Fullerton in 1995, and has actively participated in more than 150 solo and group shows in galleries and museums. Her work has been exhibited in Orange County, Los Angeles, to Vancouver, Bangkok, Karbi, Seoul, Chengdu, Taichung, Stuttgart Germany, and Tokyo.

Ann’s artwork is collected and displayed in many public areas such as the UC Riverside Sweeney Museum, Cal State U. Fullerton, Cal Poly Pomona University President office, the Karbi Museum in Thailand, and also in many private collections. From exhibitions, Ann have received reviews from Richard Chang in OC Register (November 2019), VoyageLA Magazines, Elizabeth Hernandez in The Hornet (December 2019), Chendu Daily News China, Zan Dubin in LA Times (March 1995), and Jeannie Denholm in Coat Magazine (December 2019). In 2018, Ann was selected to receive the grant for individual artists from the City of Santa Ana. Currently Ann teaches drawing and painting at Cal Poly Pomona.


About Curator Minh Pham

Minh entered the worlds of art, medicine, and law with a passion for social entrepreneurship, community engagement, and academic mentorship. Minh has an interest and a focus on the whole person—the medical and social/emotional aspects of wellness from the patient’s personal view and cultural perspective. Minh is a strong advocate for using artistic knowledge in order to apply into this future profession as the aspiring physician-scientist. Minh began his work in the Vietnamese community twelve (12) years ago at the 2011 Tet Festival, and holds a position at VAALA: Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association – Viet Film Fest: Media Relations Coordinator, Public Relations Manager and at the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations: Public Relations Coordinator, and Tet Festival Marketing Director, Marketing Advisor, Translation Lead for many years. He is also a current Art, Photography and Music Student at Santa Ana College.