VAALA Holiday Concert & Fundraiser

The annual VAALA Holiday Concert and Fundraiser featured an Arts & Crafts Boutique where cards, jewelry, ceramics and other unique items were offered for purchase. In addition, there was a silent auction of artworks by prominent artists Cao Ba Minh, Nguyen Khai, Hung Viet Nguyen, Ann Phong, Dinh Cuong, and Choe. Clothes donated by New York fashion designer Calvin Tran were also auctioned, preceded by a fashion show. On the same night, a concert was held featuring singers Quỳnh Giao, Phạm Hà, Lê Hồng Quang, Giana Nguyễn, and Phạm Đăng Khoa, accompanied by pianist Quốc Vũ, and guitarists Thăng Lê and Thịnh Nguyễn. The event was hosted by M.C. T-Huy.

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