Generations: Forty Hues Between Black & White

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of the exodus of over a million Vietnamese people to other countries for political, economic, and other reasons following the end of the Vietnam conflict. For some, the irrevocable changes that accompanied the conflict’s end resulted in the loss of a way of life. For others, it ushered in new beginnings. And for many, both were equally true. This art exhibition presents a survey of the thematic concerns of artists of Vietnamese heritage AND artists inspired by Vietnam over the past forty years. Curated By: Dinh Q. Lê and Stephen Anderson

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
December 5 – 19, 2015
, Thur-Sun 12pm-5pm (FREE admission)
117 North Sycamore Street (Corner of 2nd and Sycamore)
Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA

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